That Summer by Jennifer Weiner

When Daisy starts receiving emails accidentally for another lady with a similar name she is envious of her life. Where Daisy is first a foremost a wife and a mother, the other Diana is a business consultant travelling all over the world and having independent success. Daisy is desperate to meet the woman and quickly arranges drinks in New York and a friendship blossoms between the pair.

What Daisy doesn’t know, is that Diana isn’t whom she appears. And she is actually reaping revenge for an incident that happened in her teens ‘That Summer’.

I had never read a Jennifer Weiner book before and I was lured into assuming they were girly romcoms. Although at times I find this book to drag a little the overall premise was really good and it was bingeworthy in the fact that it gave such little snippets of information you have to keep reading to learn more.

Definitely a good read but not a chill on the beach sort, it’s a bit gritty at times.

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