Glittering A Turd by Kris Hallenga

Obviously I’d heard of the CoppaFeel charity but I didn’t really know anything about the history of the charity or the owner. So when Carrie Fletcher was doing an update of her to be read pile and she mentioned Glittering A Turd I was really interested in reading it.

Kris had a somewhat normal upbringing; if you ignore the fact she was born in Germany and moved to the UK when her parents split which probably isn’t that normal, and her and her twin sister did what a lot of people aspire to do and took a gap year to travel. However, where her sister Maren then went to university, Kris still didn’t know what she wanted to do so ended up in China teaching English. For a while Kris had been experiencing some discharge from her nipples but she was always assured it was hormonal and normal so she wasn’t particular worried, then just before leaving China she ‘pulled a muscle in her back’ and was in agony.

When her discharge got worse she finally managed to get a referral to the breast clinic; despite her GP still telling her there was nothing wrong. What they discovered was she had breast cancer, and even worse unfortunately it had spread and the pain she was experiencing in her back was tumours in between her spine.

The fact that Kris took such a horrific experience and turned into such an inspirational positive. This book is an emotional journey and a reminder that even when we have shitty times there is still beauty in the world.

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