After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I’m obviously a huge TJR fan since discovering her books through bookstagram, and this is the final book for me to read until her next release. 

After I Do is an unconventional love story which focuses on Lauren and her husband Ryan. The couple have been together for so long they have started to resent each other and have forgotten why they’re together. When they finally admit how they feel to each other they decide to take the unusual route of having a break for a year where they stay married but have no contact with each other whilst dating other people to understand whether they even want to be a couple anymore.

During their time apart Lauren begins to understand herself better, what she needs from a relationship and what she needs from herself. The big question she has is whether she can even get those things she wants from her husband anymore or whether they have ran their course together and it’s okay to accept they are no longer in love with one another.

I love that this story is almost an ‘after’ of all normal romance novels. We so often consider the end of relationships a failure and don’t acknowledge that relationships change; both friendships and those with significant others and sometimes it’s okay to accept that you are no longer right for each other.

As per usual with TJR it is a super easy read and there are so many relatable moments; who doesn’t fight over things like finding the car or where to go for dinner?!? I can honestly say I wasn’t sure how this story was going to end but I was happy with any outcomes as they felt real. It was a real emotional delve and reflection on real life.

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