Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

My first ever CoHo book! Yes I’m that person who owns lots of books by Colleen Hoover but had never read any of them, however I devoured most of this on my flight to Jamaica (I also read The Audacity it didn’t take me 10 hours!).

Tate is starting fresh and moving to San Francisco to do her nursing masters. She’s staying with her brother for a few weeks whilst she finds an apartment and her first night with him leads to a few surprises. Firstly, his apartment is really nice, way nicer than she was expecting, and secondly there’s a guy passed out against the front door who is apparently her brothers friend Miles.

It’s not exactly love at first sight, but Tate and Miles have an undeniable connection so when they start a ‘no strings attached just sex’ agreement, it is clear it’s going to end in tears. However, CoHo leaves is hanging to discover the events from Miles’ past which haunt him and impact his ability to love somebody.

The story is told from Tate’s current time perspective and Miles’ perspective starting from six years ago and getting to the current day. I was so intrigued to what happened I couldn’t put it down, although it did get a bit repetitive in the modern day storyline at times. I appreciated that we got the steamy details of Tate and Miles’ romance but the details between Miles and his then girlfriend Rachel were kept discreet which felt so appropriate for their age at the time; fictional or not.

This story was emotional, traumatic, hopeful, beautiful and steamy all rolled into one. I will definitely be picking up another CoHo in the near future!

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