The Audacity by Katherine Ryan

I enjoy stand up comedy but mostly in person and I don’t watch a lot of comedy on tv. But I’ve been really enjoying memoirs and autobiographies lately so when I saw Katherine Ryan’s book in the Waterstones post-Christmas sale I couldn’t help myself. I also wanted to understand why she had been ‘cancelled.’

Katherine was born in Canada in a small town, she was an only child for years and loved it, but when her two little sisters came around she found an opportunity to create plays and shows. She wasn’t the good looking glamorous woman she is today and experienced a lot of bullying at school and couldn’t wait to move to Toronto. When there for school she became a Hooters girl and continued to bask in the attention of others.

It was almost a knee jerk reaction to move to England, followed by a number of unplanned decisions which ended with Katherine being a single mother attempting a career in comedy.

Although I didn’t really know anything about Katherine before reading this book I feel like I now really like her. Her open honesty is really captivating and she became super relatable. I think I’m just nosey really and that’s why I enjoy memoirs.

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