Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Sophie Cousens

This was my Texas bookclub pick of February which I was happy about because I already owned a cute version from Asda which has pink spredges for Tickled Pink who raise money for breast cancer. Win. Win. It’s one of those books which I picked up firstly for the spredges and secondly because Sophie Cousens seems to be a winner with romance readers online so I thought I couldn’t go wrong.

Laura is a journalist who specialises in meet cute stories. She loves her job, but it leaves her constantly overthinking that every possible meet cute scenario is going to lead her to the love of her life. So when she picks up the wrong suitcase in the airport and the contents mirror so much of her own life she is determined to hunt down the owner. The only problem with Laura living her life in this focused way is she can miss what is right in front of her searching for the perfect person.

This book is definitely a reminder that most love stories aren’t perfect. Laura has travelled to Jersey to relive photos of her parents romance for work, only to find it wasn’t all it was supposed to be. This leaves Laura not only unsure about life but questioning her whole life.

It was a pretty easy book to read and I enjoyed the short chapters! Obviously it was cheesy and predictable because that’s what this genre is all about if we’re honest, but there was a little twist at the end none of my bookclub were expecting! It was good but it’s not going to beat The Love Hypothesis or Taylor Jenkins Reid books in being my current favourite recommendations.

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