God Bless This Mess by Hannah Brown

I loved Hannah’s series of The Bachelorette, although if I’m honest I didn’t like her very much when she was on The Bachelor. I’ve followed her on social media ever since and I just find her so relateable and her bubbly exterior is so engaging. So, although this book was never going to be a huge seller in the UK it was top of my Christmas list and I crossed my fingers it would be easy to get.

Hannah sets out the reason she has written her book; she’s only 26 after all, that’s pretty young for an autobiography, but she talks about discovering self-help books through lockdown and how much they helped her. She was inspired to share her own story to help the younger generation acknowledge some mistakes and how to grow past them or help younger people avoid making them completely.

She really owns her insecurities and mistakes and just puts them all out there. And clearly she has a terrible taste in men! All the way through the book I have Kacey Musgrave’s song Homecoming Queen stuck in my head because it just seems to fit Hannah’s life; looking the picture perfect literally homecoming Queen but feeling isolated in reality. Then her Dancing With The Stars experience was heart breaking!

All in all, it was a really interesting read. I liked how honest she was and I won’t say it helped me understand her better as I don’t know her at all but I feel like I want such good things for her. Cheesy I know! I do think you probably need to have watched the Bachelor to really enjoy this book though.

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