My Friend Anna be Rachael DeLoache Williams

Fraudsters seem to be the hot topic of the moment, with the recent release of The Tinder Swindler on Netflix and yesterday’s release of Inventing Anna. Well My Friend Anna is the account of one of Anna’s best friend’s and victims experience with the fake heiress.

The book starts in the middle, as in the point that Anna’s lies start to unravel, then we go backwards to discover the development of their friendship and the impact of Anna’s crazy life on others. Anna well and truly captures people in her life of luxury and lies and it’s easy to see why people believed she was rich. I probably shouldn’t admit this on the internet but I think I would’ve fell for her too!

It’s really interesting to read the perspective of one of the people truly involved in Anna’s world. But if I’m honest it wasn’t the cleanest narration and it jumped around a lot leaving me confused. There was also a lot of repetition and painstakingly long and boring extracts which were ‘we went there, then there…’ I’m glad I read it and it really did interest me, but if I’m honest I just wanted them to get to the part of her being caught quicker where it becomes more factual.

I’m now interested to watch the show though and I’m glad I read the book first!

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