The Arc by Tory Henwood Hoen

First up just to confirm I received an advanced copy of this book from Readers First in exchange for a review. I had read the first few chapters on their website and thought it seemed really relateable to be a 30 something feeling like you’re failing because you haven’t achieved what society expects of you. I was expecting an easy romance and it was but it was also more!

Ursula had quite an unusual upbringing, her Mom was the epitome of an ‘artsy’ type and was arguably not really cut out for motherhood, her Dad on the other hand was openly uninterested in being a father and died when she was young. She was very self-sufficient and independent. It also made her determined to be successful in her career so she never needed to rely on anybody. Unfortunately, it has also led her to be somewhat emotionally unavailable in relationships and dating in New York City is not an easy feat.

Whilst Ursula tells the tale of her most recent failed relationship to her friend Issa, a woman nearby over hears and offers her a business card to try ‘The Arc’. The Arc is a mysterious dating service which guarantees to match you to one of your perfect partners. Ursula signs up and soon meets Rafael. They pair instantly fit and feel like they are meant to be. But lingering at the back of their minds is whether this is real or are they just together because the Arc says they should be?

I honestly loved this book. Ursula was so loveable and Rafael seemed HOT! It started a bit slow with a lot of emphasis on the feminist clubhouse that Ursula was a member of which I feel like the author was really invested in. However, once the couple met the tempo picked up and I was hooked!

It’s released today and I would really recommend getting a copy! Just in time for Valentine’s Day too 🥰

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