The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

This has been such an Instagram hyped book and I avoided for a while for that reason. However, in the new year it was on a 99p kindle deal so I thought I may as well give it a go. Let me just say sometimes the hype is worth the hype!

Olive is not good with romance, she’s actually starting to this she may not be sexually attracted to anybody. However, she recently dated a guy who things didn’t really work out with, partially because he was clearly into her friend Anh. To help Anh feel comfortable starting a relationship with the guy in question, Olive pretends she’s dating somebody else. Which is fine, until Anh sees her working in the lab when she’s supposed to be on a date. In a panic she grabs the closest guy to her and kisses him. What she didn’t realise was that ‘guy’ was Adam Carlsen, one of the professors at her school and a known to be dick.

Olive is immediately worried about the consequences of kissing Adam without his consent, however, she is surprised when they agree to commence a fake relationship. Not only would Olive get help with Anh, but actually it would help Adam with work to convince them he is serious about staying at the school and not moving to Harvard to get his funding released. What could possibly go wrong?

I’ve got to say I LOVE a fake dating trope, but they can be super cheesy and predictable. What I really like about this was that Hazelwood kept commenting on how it would be in a romantic book and poked fun at the predictability. I really loved this book. It was super easy to read, the characters were loveable and I was genuinely sad when it ended! If you haven’t read it I swear you need to.

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