The Tinder Swindler

Let’s be honest there are a lot of hyped Netflix shows but it’s not that often a show is hyped pre-release when it’s a one off docufilm without any celebrities in. I had seen this documentary all over social media for the past few weeks and was so intrigued to watch it.

Like many of us Camille dreams of finding the perfect man. She uses tinder (I personally wasn’t a fan of tinder) and has a ridiculous number of matches. However, when she matches with Simon Leviev she feels like all of her dreams have come true. He quickly whisks her off for a first date which turns into a night away via private jet. After a lot of texts back and forth and a few dates Simon asks Camille to be his girlfriend. Soon she’s apartment hunting and looking forward to the luxurious life of a diamond dealer’s partner. However, when he starts getting death threats and his cards are not safe to use, Simon starts to borrow money of Camille and racking up debt in her name.

We then learn that the money Simon is spending belonging to Camille he is using to wine and dine Pernilla. Although they are not romantically involved, Simon still gives Pernilla the luxury treatment enjoying vacations all over Europe with friends. It’s clear this is all just to lure her into a false sense of reality as he soon starts asking to lend money from her too.

I’m not going to give the whole game away although it’s pretty obvious really what happens and happened. I get so annoyed when I hear stories like this of men preying on women and the fact that these women end up with mountains of debt in their name is devastating. It’s so easy to say we’d never be that stupid, but the reality is I’m always the first person to offer to lend people money or pay for something for them to pay me back. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that on the internet…

Definitely watch this show. It will blow your mind! I just finished reading My Friend Anna; I’ll be putting the review up shortly, and that feels similar but less malicious, I know Netflix have a show of that coming out too! It’s all go!

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