The Impeccable Pig

I love a luxury hotel stay, and I can sometimes be a bit of a snob about where I stay. But, I’ve never stayed in a nice hotel in the best room, until this stay.

As a treat my boyfriend booked us in to the Impeccable Pig after selling our house and winning some money at work. He booked us into the ‘whole hog’ room and I was sooo excited.

Sedgefield itself isn’t the most amazing town but there’s plenty of stuff around it to justify a visit. Or if you’re a local like me it’s worth the trip. We had been meaning to go for Sunday lunch for ages because it looked really good, but we got a dinner/b&b deal so finally got to try it on our stay.

Check in – wasn’t ideal. There was nowhere to park and we couldn’t get into the hotel car park as we didn’t have the code until we had checked in. Therefore, we squeezed into a spot on the town square and walked over. There was then a couple before us getting seen to who were then given a tour of a different room so it was probably 10/15mins before we got seen to.

The room – our room was a really good size. Although it was cold when we first got there and it took a while for the heating to warm it up. The bath was amazing, a huge copper tub that easily fit two, however, the taps weren’t easy to get to and were pretty tough to turn on and off.


The courtyard – one of the biggest attractions of the Whole Hog room is the fact that there is a hot tub and sauna in the courtyard with exclusive use. The hot tub was sooo hot when we got there it was great and we spent the first hour we were there enjoying it. It didn’t stay very hot though when we were using it and despite putting the cover back on it didn’t seem to want to heat back up. Also, the sauna wasn’t on and took about 4 hours to warm up, it did get to 70° though so after we had dinner we took full advantage. It did feel a bit of a waste for just the two of us since the hot tub and sauna were so big, although it’s obviously nice to do it just the two of us. One thing I didn’t like though was the sign clearly encouraging people to have sex in the hot tub. Like I know it’s what people do BUT I just didn’t feel like I wanted it on a plaque for me to see. I can confirm these was no hanky panky from us haha.

Hot tub!

Dinner – as part of our dinner/b&b deal we got up to £35pp to spend on food. The menu isn’t cheap, but on a Sunday it’s £24 for 3 courses so although it was great we got it all covered it also felt like we should have been allowed to spend the difference on drinks instead but never mind. I ordered the pate, lamb dinner and crumble for my food. The first two courses were a little rich for me and the final was a bit disappointing. I think the first two were on me and I should’ve made different choices; should’ve had the fish and chips, but the crumble devastated me as it was quite liquidy and I was really looking forward to it. Matty enjoyed his which is why I say it was just me. The portions were good sizes and despite me not eating all of mine I was still full.

Breakfast – we opted to have breakfast delivered to our room. We ordered during dinner on the evening, the hardest part was not really knowing what the options were for cereal etc. but it was still good. It came about 10mins early which wasn’t the end of the world for us because we were up, but I had to jump out of the bath to answer the door. It wasn’t covered either so it wasn’t the hottest it could’ve been. Overall though if was good. If we were to go again though I would just go to the restaurant for breakfast.

Overall – it was definitely a luxury stay. The bed was humongous, it was a real treat to have a private hot tub and sauna. The room above was really noisy, we could hear every step they took which wasn’t great. The bath was probably my favourite part which I think is available in their other suites so I would maybe pick a different room in the future. I’m glad we experienced the whole hog though!

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