How To Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie

This book has been EVERYWHERE. Not just all over bookstagram but I’ve seen people at the spa reading it etc. so I was super excited to read it. I got it for Christmas (then I’m not going to lie I was a bit upset that Waterstones reduced their black limited edition but never mind), and I knew it would be one of my first reads of the year. And since the quotes all said it was funny and dark humour I thought I’d use it to the ‘Dorking – funny’ prompt on the new bookstagtammer globe challenge, well…

Grace didn’t have an easy childhood, she was the product of an affair and her Dad didn’t want anything to do with her, literally not even acknowledging her existence. Which Grace might have been okay with, if her Mum wasn’t struggling to get by, whilst her Dad’s family were absolute millionaires living in a mansion on the hill. Grace’s life gets even more unfair when her Mum dies whilst she’s a teenager and she is initially taken in by a family friend, and when she wants to leave the country, Grace moves in with her only friend Jimmy’s affluent parents.

Although Jimmy’s parents are generous with their wealth and want Grace to have everything their own children have, she can’t help feeling like the charity case and not really part of the family. It is through these difficult teenage years that Grace starts to pull together a list of her family who have to all when she has nothing, researching them. And ultimately, planning to kill them.

To be fair the book isn’t terrible. It has a great idea and the way the author manipulates you into having understanding and almost empathy for why Grace acts the way she does is very clever. It’s even more clever because it’s still clear she is an absolutely psychopath. That being said I really struggled with this book, and I know other members of my book club didn’t love it either. So I’m a bit confused why people do love it… I think more me the long chapters didn’t help. I usually would never finish a book mid-chapter (unless I fall asleep), but often I had no choice with this book. I did also read it during a particularly stressful two weeks so maybe that contributed too.

I don’t know. It was okay. I’d maybe give it a 2.5-3/5. Super interested to hear other people’s thoughts of it though so please drop a comment!

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