Sleigh Bells Ring by RaeAnne Thayne

Annie has moved from her city life working as a hotel concierge back to her sleepy home town working as a caretaker on the ranch she grew up on. As if that wasn’t a big enough change she is also acting as guardian for her twin niece and nephew as her brother has been sentenced to spend the festive period in jail. However, it should be fine since the ranch is empty and she has no real pressure. That’s until Tate turns up letting her know that his whole family is coming to the ranch for Christmas and didn’t anybody let her know?

Frantic plans begin to try to ensure the ranch is ready for the Sheridan family to enjoy Christmas. Not that any of them really want to be there; since Tate’s Dad died in a tragic accident at the ranch nobody has returned to celebrate, however, following the death of his Grandfather her Grandmother requested for everybody to be there so there they are.

Amidst the drama of organising the perfect Christmas is further drama, and blossoming romances, cushioned by the innocent and curiosity that children provide. It was a really easy read which I enjoyed more than I expected to. There were quite a few errors throughout with the wrong names being used and spelling mistakes, but I guess it just makes it more realistic and honest. My only real criticism is that it ends so abruptly and I would’ve preferred more detail.

A lovely easy festive read and for 99p on Kindle I really can’t complain!

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