The Wish by Nicholas Sparks

Like Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks is another of my go to authors that I can read with pretty much certainty I will enjoy his book. So when I saw he was releasing a ‘Christmas’ book I knew it would make my reading list this festive season.

The Wish is a duel timeline story about Maggie. In the modern day (2019), she is a famous photographer/YouTuber who has unfortunately been diagnosed with cancer and faces the prospect that this christmas is likely her last one. The 1995/96 timeline reflects back on Maggie’s teenage pregnancy and first love. She is sharing her history on Ocracoke island with an employee in her gallery with whom she has developed a friendship.

Firstly, I love that Nicholas Sparks is the sole reason I really want to go to both North and South Carolina for a beach trip and once again he incorporates that blissful isolation into this story. Secondly, his writing just feels equally relatable and magical at the same time. I love it so much. This gave me vibes of The Notebook but modernised whilst also having those traditional Catholic views of sending away your pregnant daughter. Although Maggie isn’t sent to a convent because it’s the 90s she is sent to the second best option; to live with her Aunt who used to be a nun in a convent… I also loved that although Maggie was a pregnant teenager the story wasn’t that of a promiscuous, rebellious teenager or one who is abused. I think most young adults can relate to being caught up in a moment and swept away by curiosity and lust.

I loved all of the characters; except for her immediate family which I’m pretty sure we were supposed to hate. And even though I clicked on to the ‘big twist’ quite early on, I still had to read to make sure. My only criticism is it felt like there was a lack of diversity with the characters which doesn’t feel like it’s really acceptable anymore.

Heart-breaking but warming at the same time. He has definitely done it again and I will just patiently await the film adaptation!

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