The Holiday Swap by Maggie Knox

This is a book I’ve seen around Instagram a lot this festive period (a bit like In A Holidaze last year). I would best describe it as Parent Trap meets The Holiday easy festive romance.

Cass and Charlie are identical twin sisters and although they both bake for a living they have completely different lives; Charlie is a celebrity chef on a cooking contest show, whereas Cass runs the family bakery in a small town. It’s fair to say the twins have grown apart with Charlie living her swanky Hollywood life. However, when Charlie suffers a concussion on the set of the Christmas edition of her show, she asks Cass to do something they haven’t done since they were teenagers, swap places.

What the twins don’t account for, is the fact that they are no longer familiar with each other’s lives or the people in them. There are definitely some challenges and blunders along the way, but of course like any good festive read, there is also romance for both of the sisters and drama.

This was a feel good easy read that I would definitely recommend. 100% predictable and I can honestly imagine it’ll be a Netflix movie in the next few years (once the Princess Switch has played out a bit I guess). If it sounds up your street you’re in luck because right now it’s only 99p on kindle!

Also, little titbit for you… Did you know Maggie Knox is actually a pseudonym for two friends who write together??? Clearly I have a thing for these duos! (Christina Lauren is one too).

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