In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren

I’ve definitely developed a love for Christina Lauren’s books this year (see The Soulmate Equation & The Unhoneymooners) so I was excited to read this. Actually I wanted to read it last year but I had so many books already I couldn’t justify the purchase 🤭. This book is very different to the Christina Lauren books I’ve read so far though!

Maelyn is 26 but still looks forward to her annual family christmas festivities. Her divorced parents, brother, her and family friends meet together every year in the same lodge with a series of activities they complete; including a snowman competition and scavenger hunt. This year is going well until a drunken kiss ruins it all and an announcement is made that the lodge is being sold and their tradition will be coming to an end. On her journey home, Mae is reflecting on her time at the lodge and wishes for things to be different and to be happier. Then starts a Groundhog Day series of time loops where Mae relives the trip over and over.

It wasn’t really what I was expecting but it was a fun festive read. And I did like that they addressed the lack of reality in the time travel. The main criticism I have for their book was that the main characters were supposed to be in their late 20s into their 30s but they felt VERY young. I would recommend it for others and I did overall enjoy it but not as much as the other Christina Lauren reads I’ve picked up!

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