Stay Another Day by Juno Dawson

I bought this book without even reading the blurb because of the name and the cute cover. Turns out when I read the blurb it luckily stil sounded interesting, although maybe more mystery than romance? It wasn’t but still.

Anyway, Stay Another Day is set in Edinburgh (which is nice for a change), and focuses on three siblings, Rowan and Fern (the twins) and Willow (the younger sister). Fern is the one who has her life together, a good student who also has a part time job to fund her life in London and an amazing boyfriend who she is bringing home to meet the family. Rowan on the other hand prefers the life of fun. He is doing drama at university and convinced he’s going to be a successful actor, he also spends all of his free time with his queer friends, sleeping around and partying. Willow still live at home but has her own issues battling anorexia. Whereas Fern loves Christmas, Willow hates it especially with so much emphasis on food.

The drama really unfolds when Rowan meets Fern’s boyfriend and realises he is the same guy he hooked up with the previous Christmas when he worked in a ski chalet in France and had basically fallen in love with. The blurb would lead us to believe this is the ‘one big secret,’ however, soon other secrets are revealed too. Reminding us that just because a family live in a big house, have good jobs and go to good universities doesn’t mean they are happy.

I actually really enjoyed this book. It hit a lot of topics; eating disorders, mental health, there was a gay character, a non-binary character, alcohol, promiscuity, drug use etc. however, none of it felt overwhelming and in my opinion was all dealt with very sensitively.

I do love a festive read and will definitely be recommending this one to others. It was both predictable and unpredictable which is exactly what I want out of my chick lit!

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