The Christmas Pig by J.K Rowling

Let me just start this review by stating I know reading and reviewing this book is going to be controversial and I in no way support JK Rowlings opinions on the trans community. That being said, Harry Potter shaped my childhood and I know her creativity has brought happiness so many people. Plus, I was curious what JK was bringing to the table for the next generation of kids so here we go…

The Christmas Pig tells the story of Jack, who like a lot of kids is dealing with his Mum and Dad’s divorce. Not only did they separate but his Mum moved him across the country and his Dad started working away meaning he rarely sees him. The one constant comfort Jack has in his like is DP (Dur Pig). DP was Jack’s first teddy and he has truly been through the ringer with lots of repairs. However, when Jack’s new evil step-sister throws DP out of the moving car he is heartbroken and inconsolable. Despite a replacement being bought for Jack (Christmas Pig), he isn’t the same and therefore, the Christmas Pig and Jack being an adventure to the land of the lost to find DP.

This book is obviously aimed at ‘middle grade’ children, however, I still enjoyed it. Jack and DP travel through different areas of the land of the lost which represent the different connections we have with different items we may lose. As well as it being a children’s adventure story, I also found it to be a reminder to appreciate the things we have and take care with them. My major criticism is that I’m annoyed with Rowling for having an opportunity to introduce more diverse characters into her books and still opting for it to be seemingly white British middle class and straight characters. It’s disappointing and to me does highlight her ignorance.

I will definitely be passing this book on to others to read either themselves or with their children.

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