One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

My TJR seduction continues with another of her back catalogue (I think I only have one more to read after this one). I’m honestly so grateful to bookstagram for introducing me to Taylor Jenkins Reid!

One True Loves tells the story of Emma Blair who marries her childhood sweetheart Jesse. They have an adventurous life seeing the world and are fortunate to have jobs that also fit that lifestyle. However, on their first wedding anniversary, Jesse goes on a trip to Alaska and his flight goes down. Emma is truly distraught and her grief becomes such a major obstacle in her life. It takes years for her to open herself up to the possibility of love again, but she is lucky enough to have a chance meeting with another man from her childhood who was always ‘the one that could’ve been.’ He helps her finally find happiness again and to discover who she wants to be. The pair are happily engaged and everybody is thrilled about it. Until Emma gets a phone call that changes everything.

I wasn’t going to read this book until next year as I was trying to pace myself with Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books, but Carrie Fletcher posted that she was reading it and I felt like it was a sign to pick it up. It also fit nicely into one of the prompts for a reading challenge I was participating in during November. my goodness, what an emotional journey this book takes you on. I can barely imagine what it must be like losing your partner but then to finally allow yourself to move on and have another twist is just unimaginable. TJR writes it all in such an empathetic and relatable way that I literally couldn’t judge Emma for any of her actions; although I knew what I wanted the outcome to be. It was honestly so heartbreaking but uplifting at the same time. As per usual, I definitely recommend this TJR journey!

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