Tahira In Bloom by Farah Heron

Tahira in Bloom was an Amazon kindle freebie read which sounded interesting. Tahira is a fashion designer living in Toronto who is determined to get into FIDM. However, when her summer work experience with an up and coming designer is in expectantly unavailable Tahira’s only choice is to go and work in her Aunt’s boutique in the middle of nowhere; Bakewell, the flower capital of Ontario.

Tahira is hopeful that she will get some good experience rebranding the store and some good content for her growing social media presence. However, she soon learns that her city focused young influencer style doesn’t fit in floral, slow paced Bakewell. As well as reassessing her priorities she has an opportunity to reassess the people she has been associating with and reprioritise her goals.

I found the floral design stuff in this book interesting, but it made me want pictures so I could envision them better. This wasn’t my favourite book but I am trying to diversify my reading more so I will continue to read books which have protagonists from different backgrounds than myself and try to educate myself in different ways. Although if I’m honest there was some references to bias and culture which I didn’t necessarily understand or agree with. And Tahira wasn’t always the most likeable character which I sometimes struggle with as I like to live through the eyes of the protagonist in stories.

Overall, an easy read which was a little bit different from the usual YA romances. A good reminder to take a look at our own lives and check we have the right people around us with the right morals and values. I have it 3.5/5.

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