The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

This is my second Christina Lauren book and after reading The Soulmate Equation I was both excited and nervous it wouldn’t live up. Turns out the nerves were unnecessary.

Olive’s twin sister is getting married and she’s really happy for her, except for the fact that she’s really controlling and has given her a huge list of jobs to do as maid of honour, and also has given her a really ugly dress. It’s not that Ami picked the dresses, she just won them, like she did everything else linked to the wedding. That’s because Ami is the ‘lucky’ twin, meaning that unfortunately Olive is exceptionally unlucky. That is until Olive’s allergy mean she’s one of only two people who doesn’t come down with horrific food poisoning, so not wanting her free honeymoon; which is non-negotiable, go to waste, Ami insists that Olive impersonates her to enjoy it.

Amazing. A free 10 day trip to Hawaii actioned packed with activities. The down side? The grooms brother also didn’t eat any of the buffet so also hasn’t got food poisoning and has been offered the other ticket. That should be fine except for the fact he has been nothing but rude to Olive ever since they met. The pair agree to go hoping they can give each other a wide berth, however, pretending to be a newly married couple makes it hard to keep their distance.

Let’s be honest, you already know what is going to happen from what I’ve just said. It’s totally predictable but also so delectable. Christina Lauren write in such an easy style that keeps me intrigued and captured without feeling like it’s an effort. And Olive was such an honest and relatable character, she was constantly torn between insecurity of her body and pride of her shape which I’m sure most women can totally relate to!

I’m honestly so looking forward to reading more of their work! If you love a romance you need to pick this up. And it’s only £2 for the paperback in the works and Amazon at the moment too! No excuse!

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