My Body Is My Business by Melissa Todd

I was actually gifted a copy of this book as part of a book tour, however I chose not to participate as unfortunately they wanted a positive review which I did not feel able to provide. However, I do think it’s important to always provide honest feedback so I am reviewing this book outside of the tour dates.

My Body Is My Business tells the story to Clara, a once promising academic who feels like she doesn’t fit in at university and decides to take a break. During that time she needs to find a job to fund her time away from university and she discovers that she can make money within the sex industry. She starts fairly innocently working as a stripper, but as the industry changes she progresses through different roles including, sex line worker, stripogram and porn star. However, she discovers dominatrix work and builds a career on being a disciplinarian.

On face value this book is super interesting and I did get some good insight into how the industry works in the UK which you don’t see very often. And maybe it’s because I so recently read I Was A Stripper Librarian which was similar and I really enjoyed it, but I just did not resonate with this book. Let me tell you what I struggled with, firstly Clara wasn’t likeable, this had nothing to do with her career choices but more her morals and voice. Secondly, there was a dual timeline but no clear identification of where we were in time at any given moment which left me confused. Thirdly, it just didn’t seem authentic. It felt like it was an autobiography changed to fiction; which may not be true but that’s my perception, and the true core of the story had been removed.

It is only short and I have seen a lot of glowing reviews by other people. However, for me, it just isn’t something I would pick up again. If you’re intrigued by the sex work industry id recommend I Was A Stripper Librarian. I’ll definitely read others in the future though as I genuinely find it interesting to have insights into lives which are so different to mine.

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