Rushed by Aurora Rose Reynolds

I love an easy going romance with a bit of smut which I just felt like this book would be from the cover. I’ve never read anything by Aurora Rose Reynolds but the cover reminded me of the Melissa Foster books I’ve read in the last year.

Rushed tells the story of Cybil who has terrible luck, first her fiancé breaks up with her days before their wedding, then she can’t get her money back for a couples retreat in Montana she never really wanted to go on in the first place. Not wanting to waste her money, she arranges to fly solo at the retreat, not realising that it’s a group event and wasn’t just her name she’d fiancé. Luckily Tanner the group leader offers to step up and be her partner through the activities. However, that just leads to Cybil having to defend herself to others who feel that she is getting treated unfairly, and also suppress her growing attraction to him. However, sharing a tent each night makes it difficult to ignore their chemistry.

Totally, totally predictable. Totally, totally perfectly lovely. It’s emotional, easy going and a guaranteed happy ending. Don’t get me wrong there is some drama; for example being shot and a family hospital admission, but I was so comforted that it wouldn’t end badly. If you want some chemistry filled romance to make you want to put up a tent and get lost in the wilderness, this is your book! I will be looking out for the next instalment in the series for sure!

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