Walking On Sunshine by Giovanna Fletcher

I’ve loved Giovanna Fletcher ever since Tom’s cute wedding speech and I accepted defeat he was never going to fall in love with me. I’ve also really enjoyed her books that I’ve read so far, so I was excited to read this book. Like with Jodi Picoult I don’t think I had even read the blurb before I started it but it was a great emotional rollercoaster.

Mike, Vicky, Pia and Zaza became unbreakable friends after they become housemates in their early 20s. They are all at different places in their lives but have managed to stay close, however, when Pia is diagnosed with cancer and then dies the three friends try to support each other through it, but their different lives and ways of coping make it difficult. Then on Valentine’s; which is also Pia’s birthday, the girls and their partners invite Mike to celebrate with them, when the other guys back out, the original friends get drunks together and reminisce over old photos. During their review of the photos, they find a note from Pia encouraging them to get out and have an adventure. The next thing you know there is a drunken plan in place for the three friends to travel to Peru for an unforgettable hike.

The story is told from all three of the friends perspectives which is really refreshing and allows the reader to develop a connection with all of them. It felt like an honest diversity too which wasn’t pushed down my throat with the characters from different backgrounds, ethnicities and gender.

Overall I found this story really wholesome and lovely. It made me want to put my hiking shoes on and go and adventure new parts of the world. It was an easy read despite it being emotional and hard hitting at times and actually have me some Love Actually vibes which everybody knows is an amazing film. Basically Giovanna does it again!

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