Starry Skies in Ferry Lane Market by Nicola May

Full disclosure, I only picked this book from NetGalley because I needed a ‘market’ prompt book for the Bookstagrammer Globe Challenge (which I still have 11 outstanding prompts for so am going to fail anyway…), and when I found out it was the second in a series I thought oh for goodness sake! However, after a quick internet search I identified it focused on somebody else’s story so thought I’d give it a go.

Ferry lane is a quiet market village in Cornwall where Star and her teenage daughter live. Star owns a jewellery business and Skye (her daughter) works in the florist next door with Star’s best friend Kara (I believe the first book focuses on Kara). Star has been single most of her life focusing on raising Skye but after a fling (again I think in the first book) with a New Yorker named Jack she can’t stop thinking about him and hoping he will return. However, Jack has a girlfriend in New York that he lives with and has been ignoring all of her messages. Clearly it is time to move on. In steps Conor the mysterious Irishman who sweeps Star off her feet in a fun light hearted relationship. But when she receives life changing news Star needs to decide whether their fun relationship could be something more.

This book was wonderfully lighthearted, even though it dealt with some heavy hitting topics. It definitely wasn’t earth shattering in any way shape or form, but it was a lovely read. Star’s relationships with her family were intriguing and I could definitely relate to her overwhelming sense of responsibility to look after everybody.

Overall, it was a lovely read. I’d definitely pick up another Nicola May story (there was definitely a hint that one of the characters was moving into a different series of books by May), but I’m also not rushing to pick up another in the imminent future.

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