Fable by Adrienne Young

Four years ago, Fable’s father abandoned her on an island in the middle of the sea hours after her mother died. The island is full of thieves, and Fable’s Dad tells her she must find a way to get back home in order to prove that she is worthy of being a member of his crew. Fable is order to survive by dredging precious stones out of the sea, however, she does this at a risk as she has nobody to protect her she lives in fear of being robbed or worse killed. She has almost saved enough money to buy passage on a boat when the very thing she has lived in fear of happens. Can she escape? And is the life she has been dreaming of waiting for her at home?

I don’t read a lot of fantasy and I found this book started very slow. I struggled to envision the world that Fable lived in and I found myself only reading briefly each day. However, as her adventures on the sea proceeded I started to get more intrigued. Young has created a dangerous and greedy world which I personally envision as being in the Caribbean; no idea where it’s supposed to be. It definitely wasn’t my favourite story, but I will still read the second half of the instalment so I can find out how the tale ends. Also, the covers are sooooo pretty how could I not buy them?!?

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