The Nature of Witches by Rachel Griffin

I definitely bought this book just because I wanted a ‘witchey’ Halloween read and to be honest it isn’t that at all. However, I also love how beautiful the cover is and the book under the dust cover is even more beautiful! Sold!

The Nature of Witches tells the story of Clara who unlike everybody else who is a ‘seasonal’ witch, is an ever witch; meaning she transitions through the seasons and can channel the magic of them all during that season. Their magic is 100% linked to nature and is used; with the blessing of non-witches, to help restore equilibrium into the world and avoid natural disasters when the world is being overused and under appreciated.

Clara is scared of her powers though. She accidentally killed her parents and her best friend and is scared that others she may care about could be hurt, so she isolates herself from others and stops herself from feeling anything. However, her teachers are always pushing her convinced she can do so much more, but how can she do more when the power she could do it with scares her so much?

Cue, Sang. A hot spring witch who is brought to help Clara manage her powers by teaching her, but also utilising his ‘calming’ power to help her feel more at ease. The connection between the two is undeniable and he helps her to unlock her power and begin to understand it more. However, the more they connect they more at risk Sang is from becoming a victim to Clara’s powers.

I do love a witchy book, and actually this book was super dialled back and low key it would have been really easy to dismiss it. But the natural elemental ways were so interesting and I was genuinely hooked. The imagery that Griffin uses in her writing is so beautiful too that you feel yourself getting swept up in the beauty of nature and the seasons.

If you’re after a beautiful read focused on self-discovery and self-belief, this is a great read for you! 4/5!

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