As Good As Dead by Holly Jackson

I finally read the last instalment into the A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder trilogy. And it didn’t disappoint.

We’ve followed Pip since she decided to delve into the murder of local girl Alison for her coursework to help her get into a top university. Since then she has solved two murder cases, witnessed somebody be killed and delivered a serial rapist with outstanding evidence to the police. However, Pip is struggling with her own mental health and doesn’t know where to turn for help. Her doctor took her off any medication to prevent her building a dependence but she can’t sleep, so she is going to the drug dealer she uncovered for help. She is determined though that one final case will help her move on.

What she isn’t prepared for though is for her to be the victim of her final case.

I have sooooo many thoughts about this book. On one hand it answered so many questions it was the perfect finale. However, on the other hand it went so far the other way that I’m not sure I found Pip’s morals and principles believable. I was annoyed halfway through the book that the ‘stalker’ was so glaringly obvious, whereas with the other books I’ve always thought I knew who it was but then it wasn’t. But then the twist that comes, I absolutely wasn’t prepared for! I don’t know I equally thought it was brilliant and didn’t like it. I still have it 5/5 and the series as a whole I keep recommending to people but I’m just left really torn of whether it’s how I wanted it to end.

I give major props to Holly Jackson though for writing such a gripping YA thriller series. It was so very British at times, but my Texan-trans-Atlantic book club also really enjoyed it. Definitely an author to lookout for in the future.

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