Maybe We Should by Melissa Foster

I really enjoyed the easy romance that was Maybe We Will earlier in the year so I was excited to see that there as a new instalment into the Silver Harbor series.

Maybe We Should focuses on Cait; Abby’s secret sister, who is still adjusting to life in Silver Harbor. We learned snippets about Cait’s life in Maybe We Will; she’s a tattoo artist from the mainland who’s Mom died when she was little, there was also implications that she had a difficult upbringing but no specifics. This instalment delves deep into her insecurities and challenges in her life.

It is no secret to anybody that Brant Remington has fallen hard for Cait, however, no matter how hard he tries she won’t give him the time of day. That is until he rescues her from drowning whilst she is ironically rescuing a dog from drowning. Brant used the opportunity of sharing custody of the rescued dog; who they name Scrappy, as a chance to get closer to Cait. The chemistry between them is clear, but Cait doesn’t do relationships. Every time she’s ever given her heart to a man he has destroyed it and she’s not willing to give him that chance. Brant however, is not going to give up and slowly and surely Cait starts to open up to him.

There is no major shocking moments in this book really. No huge drama or plot twist but it was a good solid read with romance and not revenge but something similar. I feel like a lot of people may be annoyed by the idea that men had the role of protector of Cait but I’m quite old fashioned and appreciate that anyway.

I gave this book a 3/5 and will more than likely pick up the next instalment too (presuming the third sister will get her own story now she’s taking time off work and clearly going to hook up with the hot guitarist she ‘hates’).

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