Once Upon A Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber

I don’t really read a lot of fantasy (Fire With Fire is probably the only other fantasy I’ve read in the last year or so), but there have been so many good reviews about the Caravel series (which is still on my to be read list) that I was totally drawn to requesting a copy of this book through NetGalley. And actually I was quite shocked when I received a copy. I had intended to read it ages ago but I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with books to review so it’s actually a little bit late. Anyway…

Evangeline has her heart broken when the man she loves plans to marry her step-sister. The world of curiosities her father introduced her to leads her to try to find the Prince of Hearts (also known as Jacks) to request a favour that he stops their wedding. Jacks is a Fate and no favour from a Fate is free and in exchange for her favour he requests three kisses from Evangeline. These are not kisses for him as anybody he kisses would die, but rather kisses he can request of her to anybody at any time.

As these things always go, her favour does not go as intended and Evangeline ends up having to rescue her step-sister and love putting herself in danger. She is then sent to the mystical North where she has always fantasised about going (as her mother was from the North) to compete for the Prince Apollo’s hand in marriage. When Jacks intervenes, Evangeline is not sure how it will end.

There are literally so many twists and turns in this book and the manipulation is real (both of the characters and of the reader to trust characters). I must say it was quite slow at first and I do wish I had read the Caravel books as I understand Jacks is quite a character in those books. However, I don’t feel like there was any information I was missing to get a good understanding of this story. Once I got into it I really couldn’t put it down (to the point my entire house grew dark around me), and I am left with soooo many unanswered questions, which considering this is clearly the start of a series is only a good thing. However, the fact that there is no information about when the next book will be released is infuriating!

Definitely one worth picking up by teens and adults alike. And I definitely love Jacks a little bit!

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