No Time To Die

Let’s be honest, the newest James Bond instalment was already highly anticipated; especially since it’s Daniel Craig’s last portrayal of Bond, but with the huge delays because of COVID it became even more anticipated. I enjoy a James Bond but I’m not a massive fan, as in I go to see them but once I’ve seen it I’m done. So I really couldn’t remember where Spectre left off, and in one way it mattered but in another it didn’t.

Bond has retired and living in Italy with his girlfriend. But when he visits the grave of Vesper he starts to question her loyalty and the two separate. Seems pretty standard James Bond right? However, whereas a normal Bond girl is just disposed of Madeline sticks around. And I really enjoyed the hot, scantily clad female agent who helped out in Cuba!

James is called back into service when a DNA focused weapon is stolen. The weapon was developed with good intentions but has major implications which could lead to full races of individuals being wiped out.

I don’t want to give too much away but I genuinely thought this was a really relatable James Bond. The end did leave me with soooo many questions as to where the franchise will go next and who will be the next 007. Also, the ending definitely split our group, I loved it and everybody else hated it. There were probably less crazy and cool gadgets from Q but I didn’t miss it particularly at the time.

This is a pretty rubbish review so apologies. But ultimately I really enjoyed it, it was worth the wait!

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