The Man Who Died Twice (The Thursday Murder Club #2) by Richard Osman

After reading The Thursday Murder Club I was pretty excited to find out what adventure the foursome got up to next; surely there wasn’t going to be more dead bodies turning up at Cooper’s Chase? But no this time it’s a living person who shouldn’t be there.

We finally find our Elizabeth’s secret; in a fairly low key way as of it wasn’t a secret, that she was an MI5 agent before retirement, and one of her ex-husbands who she worked with comes to Cooper’s Chase looking for her help. During a run of the mill house search and CCTV installation £2million of diamonds goes missing; I’ll not spoil how, and so begins a manhunt and a diamond hunt where the stakes are life and death.

There is also a separate storyline around Ibrahim who found some confidence in driving and exploring during the first novel and decides to borrow Ron’s car weekly to have a solo adventure. However, his confidence is thwarted when a group of teenagers jump him, stealing his mobile phone and leaving him dying in the gutter. It’s frustrating that; as so often is genuinely the case, the police; Donna and Chris of course, know who the culprit is but can do very little to prove it. Against all the rules they suggest it is left to the Thursday Murder Club to take matters into their own hands.

I really enjoyed the first book, but actually the second one is even better. It is honestly such an easy to read style that Osman adopts and there are little aspects that make the characters all so relatable; especially Joyce, that it’s a pleasure to read. I’m looking forward to the third instalment next year already!!!

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