The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

I was super kindly gifted a copy of the paperback version of this book from Penguin and Richard Osman for being an NHS member of staff. I had so many good things about this book but I’m not a major crime reader so hadn’t picked it up. What a mistake!

The Thursday Murder Club is a group of four individuals who live in Cooper’s Chase which is a luxury retirement community. Elizabeth is the spearhead to the group who has secretive experience in dealing with crimes that she won’t share. Ibrahim was a psychologist pre-retirement who is able to provide a unique outlook into the crimes they are trying to solve but tends to be the quiet and thoughtful member. Ron is a typical union man, if you’ve ever worked in an unionised environment you know who Ron is, his role is really to rattle people and ask the difficult questions. And finally, Joyce is the newest member of the group, who is a retired nurse. She is brought into the group by Elizabeth as somebody who has knowledge on wounds etc. The four together solve old murder cases. Until they have a new case linked to their own community!

Three potential murders, unending possible murderers and some really great British wit and relatability. I genuinely loved this book, although it was quite slow paced and at no point did I feel that I couldn’t put it down. It was just a nice easy read. And I really hope this is my future when I’m old an retired. I’m definitely going straight on to the next book!

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