The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang

The third instalment into the Kiss Quotient series is released on the 2nd September and I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy through NetGalley.

The Heart Principle focuses on the story of Anna; a famous classical violinist who is struggling with burnout, and Quan; Michael from the first books cousin, and Khai from The Bride Test’s brother who has had some personal issues of his own over the past 18months.

The two meet via an online dating app when they are both just looking for a one night stand; Quan doesn’t want anything serious and Anna just wants to get back at her boyfriend who suggested they have an open relationship. However, when Anna struggles to go through with the one night stand, a relationship evolves in which they bond over their love for documentaries and individual issues. Quan is dealing with the aftermath of testicular cancer, whereas Anna’s psychologist has just suggested to her she may have autism.

This was possibly my favourite of the series as it was so packed with emotional turmoil; which I understand is linked to the authors own experience. There are so many difficult topics covered; autism, cancer, parental expectations, end of life care, emotional abuse etc. yet it still manages to remain an easy read.

This is definitely worth picking up, and although it fits nicely in the series you could definitely pick it up as a stand alone book too. The only criticism I really have about the series is that it doesn’t seem realistic that this close family would have so many links to autism without the individual autistic people being the link if that makes sense? But I do like the they each provide a different insight and experience.

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