The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

After thoroughly enjoying The Kiss Quotient I jumped straight into The Bride Test. It’s one of those series that doesn’t follow on in the story but picks up another characters story. The Bride Test picks up Michael’s cousin Khai’s story.

Mŷ works really hard as a cleaner in hotel to provide for her family. She is cleaning the toilets one day when a woman offers her the chance to move to California to marry her son. Although Mŷ can appreciate that Khai is a good looking man it takes some convincing of her family that she should go; leaving her daughter behind in Vietnam is definitely not easy, but her family convince her it’s the best thing to do for her future.

When she arrives in California she is not prepared for Khai who is convinced he does not have any feelings and that his Asperger’s syndrome prevents him from being able to build relationships with anybody. Although he is clearly attracted to her he does everything he can to push her away.

Ultimately, the story centres around understanding why Khai is so convinced her doesn’t feel and his loved ones trying to help him acknowledge the feelings he does experience. After reading the authors note in The Kiss Quotient and learning how autism manifests differently in men and women, I found this book interesting. But it just didn’t have the same spark as the first book. I’ve heard that the new/third book is the best of them all though so fingers crossed!

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