The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Stella’s family are putting her under pressure to find a husband and have babies, to the point that her Mom sets her up on blind dates all of the time. The problem is Stella doesn’t really know how to flirt or be in a relationship. She also worries she isn’t very good at sex which is an issue in her relationships. All of these issues potentially stem from her autism, but she wants to overcome them and develop a relationship with somebody.

She decides to start by tackling her sexual performance and she does this by hiring a male escort. That escort is Michael.

Michael works in his mom’s dry cleaning business doinh alterations, he also works as an escort one night per week for extra cash. He has rules with his escorting, for example, he only works a Friday night and never meets with the same woman more than once. However, when Stella offers him $50,000 to be her pretend boyfriend for a month to teach her how to be good at sex and improve her social skills, it is an offer he can’t refuse.

Both Stella and Michael have their own issues. Even though it’s clear the two of them should be together, neither can break down their own walls to let the other in.

I had seen this book around bookstagram a few times but only decided to pick it up because of the release of The Heart Principle coming soon. It was only 99p on Amazon kindle too so seemed a good investment. Let me tell you, it was MUCH steamier than I expected and pretty much from the off too. I actually really enjoyed this book, it was interesting to read a light-hearted steamy romance which also provided an insight into living with autism. I became really invested in their relationship, I think I would’ve liked a little more insight into their cultural backgrounds though as I feel like it was only briefly mentioned.

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