The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren (who I totally didn’t realise is actually two people) first came on my radar at Christmas with lots of positive reviews of ‘In A Holidaze’ I really wanted the book at the time but had so many Christmas books I thought I’d wait until 2021; that’s still the plan. However, when I saw The Soulmate Equation available on NetGalley I requested it with my fingers crossed. Oh my, I’m so glad I got it!

Jess Davis is a single Mom, she definitely feels lonely at times; being the only single Mom and school events definitely stings, but she cannot be bothered with dating. Her friend Fizz is constantly trying to encourage her to get out there but she isn’t interested in casual dating. She has a good freelance job but like a lot of people feels the pressure of being able to provide for those she loves.

The girls work out of a cafe everyday whilst also people watching. ‘Americano’ a brooding quiet man who comes in each morning always catches their attention even more so when they learn that he is working on a new dating app based on genetic profiling, scientifically identifying comparability between individuals.

Following a tough day, Jess submits a DNA sample and downloads the app thinking she has nothing to lose and no obligation to go on any dates. What she doesn’t expect is for the company who owns the app to contact her to inform her she has an unusually high; the highest the company has ever seen, match with somebody. Not only is it revealed she has the highest match, but it’s with one of the founding members of the company, ‘Americano’; also known as Dr River Pêna. Despite the science Jess isn’t really interested, however, when the company offers to pay her $10,000 per month to explore the relationship how can she decline?

It’s a really long time since I’ve been hooked on a book to the extent I literally can’t put it down. But I really couldn’t. To the point I went to sleep at 2am after finishing the book with a 7am alarm set. The writing style was so easy and I was so invested in Jess! I was waiting for that moment of heartbreak and drama which inevitably comes in a romance novel and then desperate seeking a resolution.

Honestly, read this book! I am now desperate to read more of their books! An easy 5/5 read for me.

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