Sleepless in Sicily by Emma Jackson

This book reminded me so much of Giovanna Fletcher’s Billy & Me but with the added fun of being in Italy! Thank you to Orion Dash and NetGalley for this advanced copy.

Lila took a big risk temporarily moving to London to pursue her new dream of being a makeup artist. She has no real plan, but has managed to secure herself a trial with a movie production team about to head off to Sicily to film for 6 months. She’s not really sure how well her trial is going and her social anxiety is preventing her from asking for feedback. Whilst trying to avoid her manager in the final hour of her trial, she heads down to the store room to do some tidying.

Rowan never really intended to be an actor, his only goal in life is to look after his sister and Mum. He had a lucky break getting a role in a big superhero franchise, however, the franchise is over and it’s time for him to move on with his career. His publicist is determined to him to clean up his reputation and put on a display to secure a new franchise role. Part of his PR plan is to fake a relationship with a supermodel than Rowan has no interest in at all. However, it seems like a reasonable plan until he manages to lock himself in the store room with Lila and he starts to question everything about himself and his career.

This was such an easy read. It’s not very often the female lead in a story has a vulnerability such as social anxiety so that was quite refreshing. I think there was definitely a lot of opportunities for development in storylines but I really enjoyed it overall. Great summer read. Definitely makes me wonder how I didn’t end up accidentally meeting and falling in love a with a movie star though!

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