Broken Like Me by Kaitie Howie

Rose is hiding a difficult past, one that she can’t forget about because everybody she looks at her daughters eyes she is reminded. However, she is determined to start a new life for herself and Scarlett even if it means doing it alone, in a strange state, with no money and nobody to rely on.

However, moving to Florida wasn’t random. Years ago it was where she had agreed to live with her friends Bronte and Evan when they ran away. She knows there is such a slim chance they would find each other; especially as she is laying low. But she learns to open up to the kindness of strangers and through her new friends reacquaints with her old.

The group of friends who become like family; some of them actually are, all have difficult histories but they are all determined to make something of themselves, and the love they share for one another and Scarlett is heart warming.

Rose also starts to develop a romantic relationship with Josh; one of the boys from upstairs, which she never thought she would be capable of doing. He helps her face down her demons and bloom into a happier person.

However, nothing lasts forever, and their pasts soon come back to haunt them.

YA books or all books really about surviving abuse tend to have a ‘bad boy’ character or a girl who has fallen totally off the tracks. I liked that all of the characters pretty much have their sh** together in this book whilst still scarred and struggling. I feel that this is a more realistic approach although it would’ve been better if at least one person thrown in the mix didn’t have their own disaster story.

This book didn’t sweep me off my feet but I did find myself enjoy it and curious what was going to happen. It’s not an easy read but it’s an interesting read.

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