Radha and Jai’s Recipe for Romance by Nisha Sharma

Romance, dancing and food. What more could a book need?

Radha was a competitive dancer who had finally reached the finals of the most prestigious competition in Kathak dance when she overhears some girls in the changing room. Not only were they being typical bitchy teenagers, but they mention that Radha’s mother is having an affair with one of the judges. All of a sudden Radha questions whether she really is a good dancer or whether her full on ‘dance mom’ mother has managed to get her to the finals.

Radha feels so betrayed and confused that she quits competitive dance. However, she also feels that she is the focus of gossip in her local community so when their is an opportunity to move away; when her parents separate, she jumps at the chance. What she doesn’t expect is to not only find her passion for dance again, but also a new passion for cooking and a boy who she can enjoy it with.

That boy is fighting his own battles. Although he is a great Bollywood dancer what he really wants is to be a doctor. However, he cannot pursue either of these dreams as his family needs him to work in the family business and help out financially. Despite Jai’s family encouraging him to follow his dreams he feels obliged to do the right thing. If only he could win the regional dance competition to have a little bit of extra cash.

Although there is a dance competition focus in this book the real key theme is the relationships that both Radha and Jai have. Radha with both of her parents and family abroad, and Jai with his brothers and chosen family. Then both of them with their dance team members.

I really enjoy reading stories from other cultures so I can get a more diverse view on the world and this book definitely left me curious to try some of the Asian recipes. It wasn’t my favourite book as there was nothing about it which really hooked me, but it was easy and mostly laid back. I gave it a 3.5/5.

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