The Mix-Up by Holly McCulloch

This was another book I was kindly gifted an advanced copy of by the publisher through NetGalley.

Paige is a baker who’s speciality is wedding cakes. However, she isn’t your usual romantic wedding type, actually she doesn’t want to even be in a relationship with anybody never mind get married, she’s happy to meet a guy, have good sex but keep a two week expiry date in place.

This mindset is challenged when Paige’s ex unexpectedly returns into her life, ordering a cake from her. If she didn’t need the money so badly she wouldn’t have agreed to make his cake, however, she wasn’t prepared for him flirting with her and making excuses to see her. Did she make a big mistake breaking up with him?

Then there is a Noah, a guy Paige has been reliably informed is good for no-strings attached sex. But is she actually falling for him? Could he be falling for her? None of this is part of the plan.

I picked this book because it seemed like a fun and easy read and it definitely was a great literary rom-com that I can definitely see being made into a film. However, what made this book even better was that it had an unexpected emotional depth. I truly didn’t see the cancer storyline coming. And actually I loved that about this book. There is some good fiction about dealing with cancer (The Cancer Ladies Running Club being one of them) but every story I’ve read is very much focused on a cancer diagnosis, I’ve never read a book which is about life after cancer. I think we all experience that feeling after a terrible moment in our lives when we think we need to be over it because people don’t care anymore and I thought this was a really great depiction of that feeling.

I was going to rate this book 4/5 but actually on reflection of how well I think McCulloch weaved in a beautiful depth to a frilly romance it deserves a 5/5. It also made me want to eat cake!

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