Fire With Fire by Destiny Soria

It’s such a long time since I read a fantasy book so I was pretty excited when I got gifted an advanced copy of this book.

Dani and Eden despite being sisters are very different, possibly the only thing they have in common is that they are dragon slayers. Eden really embraces her family’s role in keeping the world safe, she trains constantly and always strives to be the best. Annoyingly to Eden, Dani isn’t really interested in being a dragon slayer she just wants to be a normal teenager yet her natural skill is impossible to deny.

When Dani forms an unthinkable relationship with a dragon she turns to her sister for advice. However, Eden’s dedication, jealousy and competitiveness lead her to make decisions which leave the two girls fighting against each other as enemies. Can their bond save them? Or will their stubbornness destroy them both?

I honestly really enjoyed this book. To me it wasn’t even so much about the fantasy elements of the story, but more the relationship between the sisters; me and my sister are complete opposites so I’m always interested in books and films about sisters. I also loved the way that Soria approached the decision making of each and justified their actions through the dual narration.

I’m unsure whether this story will lead to a series, I can see that some aspects were left unresolved, but to me it was a great standalone book. I gave it 4/5 stars and really would recommend it to others.

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