A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder by Holly Jackson

This was one of the first books I bought when I joined the bookstagram community as there were positive reviews about it everywhere. Fast forward a year and I finally read it with my trans-Atlantic Texas book club buddies. It did not disappoint.

Pippa is an A grade pupil, however, she refuses to conform to produce a standard final-year project and despite her tutor’s reluctance submits to explore the murder of local school girl Andie Bell that happened 5 years previously. She is given very strict instructions: do not involve Andie’s family or the family of Sal Singh who was convicted of her murder.

Pippa cannot explain why she is so convinced that Sal didn’t murder Andie; she barely knew him, but she is so certain she wants to get to the bottom of her disappearance. Of course, determined to make her project great one of the first things Pippa does is knock on Sal’s family home’s door. As Sal allegedly committed suicide days after Andie’s disappearance she has no way to speak to him for information, instead she befriends his brother and forms an alliance with the goal of clearing Sal’s name.

There are soooo many twists and turns through this book and so many potential perpetrators it really keeps you guessing. I did manage to guess one of the main culprits fairly early on, but, even that had a massive twist I could never have predicted. It is essentially one of the best murder mystery books I’ve read and even better is that it is YA so totally approachable and not overwhelming or unnecessarily gory.

When I recommend a book to my American book club I’m always a little bit anxious they mightn’t like it. But I’m pleased to report they all loved this too! We are planning to read the second instalment shortly!

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