Talk Bookish To Me by Kate Bromley

Kara is a hopeless romantic which usually helps her with her work as a romance author, however she is really struggling with her new novel. What is worse is that her deadline is looming, but so is her best friends wedding which she really should be helping her get organised for. After which she is going to Italy for 6months spending the money from her book… which she hasn’t yet written.

Kara is about to give up, when an ex-boyfriend unexpectantly re-enters her life and give her a spark of motivation and creativity. Ryan broke Kara’s heart, but if getting close to him and using him is the only way to get her novel written she is willing to do it.

Ryan also wasn’t expecting to see Kara again. And when his dog gets him kicked out of his hotel and he has nowhere to stay he reluctantly moves in with her. Now is not a good a time for him to be reacquainted with the girl he never wanted to let go of.

I loved that although this book was typically cheesy and romantic, it was almost self-professed that way. I got quite invested into the characters and was just waiting for that bombshell moment, although I wasn’t completely sure what it was going to be.

I liked that we got to read extracts of Kara’s novel too and let’s be honest, what smutty romance reader hasn’t wanted to re-enact a moment from a book like Kara and Ryan do?

If you are after an easy, fun and romantic read this book is for you!

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