Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert

The third and final instalment of the Brown Sisters series. Eve Brown is the youngest sister and altogether a little bit spoiled and irresponsible. She hasn’t found her place in the world yet and tends to flit from career option to career option never fully seeing anything through and alway relying on her parents to bail her out. However, when Eve shuts down her wedding planning business before it’s even had a chance, her parents give her an ultimatum, they’re cutting her off from her trust fund unless she can find and hold down a job for a whole year.

In true spoiled Eve form, she storms out of the house and gets in her car. She isn’t paying any attention to where she is going, and the next thing she’s knows she’s outside of a cute b&b in the Lake District who are looking for a chef. Although she has real culinary training or experience, as is her style, she decides to drop into the interview and see how it goes. What she doesn’t see coming is a series of events which will encourage her to finally take stock, evaluate her own life and decision and potentially fall in love.

The man who she may fall in love with is Jacob. Jacob owns the b&b and has his own issues to deal with, not only is he autistic but he also has abandonment and trust issues from difficulties in his childhood. He is extremely over bearing, controlling and generally unappreciative of others. Eve is everything he should hate in a human being, but for some reason the things he despises about her are also the things he finds himself attracted to.

What I’ve thoroughly enjoyed about the Brown Sisters series, is that despite them being very predictable and cliche, they each have difficult topics which usually would become the focus of a book that instead Hibbert normalises and although it shapes the story it isn’t the be all and end all. In this story it is Jacob’s autism and the learned behaviours that those with autism adopt to help them get through day to day life. I also love that there is a part of the story which reminds us that diagnosis are not always required but sometimes self-acknowledgement of own behaviours is enough.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was steamy and romantic in all of the right ways. I’m going to miss these sisters!

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