Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert

Chloe Brown has become so consumed by her fibro myalgia diagnosis and the pain that she experienced on a daily basis she has drifted from all of her friends and even lost her boyfriend. When she has a near death experience she realises it’s time to make a change and start living. So she makes the decision to move out of the family home and create a ‘Get A Life’ to do list.

Her to do list includes things like: have a drunk night out, ride a motorbike, travel the world with just hand luggage and have meaningless sex. What Chloe doesn’t foresee is the hot superintendent of her new building being the person to help her tick some of the items off her list and help her create new more meaningful ones. The question is, as two dysfunctional damaged adults, can they trust each other enough to not damage each other further?

I equally loved Chloe and Red and hated them. I wanted them to just get their acts together so badly. They were vulnerable yet stubborn which frustrated me haha. It was interesting to read a book about a woman living with a disability without her feeling like she was a victim though. I felt like it was a realistic portrayal of fibro myalgia and the daily struggle people experience; to my limited knowledge anyway. I also liked that Hibbert was brave enough to introduce a male character who had experienced domestic abuse.

Don’t get me wrong. This book wasn’t ground breaking. And I’d read a lot of reviews that suggested it was super smutty but I actually didn’t really find it that bad. It was about 70 pages through before anything vaguely smutty occurred and there were some hot under the collar moments but not as much as I was expecting from other reviews. That probably doesn’t make any sense at all… put it this way, it’s not 50 shades or Sylvia Day!

I am looking forward to reading the stories of Chloe’s sisters Dani and Eve though!

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