Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

This is one of those books that the hype made me want to read it despite me having no idea what it was about. It was on my Amazon Wishlist for ages too because for some reason it was really expensive in every online bookstore so I thought ‘f*** it I really want to read it just buy it.’ (I still only vaguely knew what it was about)…

Red, White and Royal Blue is about Alex, the first son of the United States. His Mom is the first white president and he and his sister June; who are half Mexican, unusually live in the White House despite their ages. Alex has his life planned, he’s going to join congress as soon as possible and embark on his own political journey just like his parents, and other than his sister and best friend Nora, he doesn’t need anybody else to get there. Alex had had his fair share of indiscretions as a 21 year old in a position of influence, however, he dislikes nobody more than Prince Henry who he has titled his sworn enemy.

Unfortunately, Alex is expected to attend Prince Phillip’s wedding in London where he is bound to see Prince Henry. Unfortunately, his run in with him; after he danced with his sister and annoyed him, ends up with the two of them fighting and landing in; and destroying, the wedding cake. Which the tabloids kindly post on the front page of the next morning’s newspapers. Clearly, this difficult relationship between the two influential young men could pose difficulties between the two nations, therefore, they are forced to partake in a political campaign to show the public they are actually best friends not enemies. What Alex definitely doesn’t foresee is realising he actually doesn’t hate Henry, but in fact might actually fancy him.

I did end up really enjoying this book and would probably give it 4/5 but it did take me a little while to get into. Both Alex and Henry are bit self-important which annoyed me, although I can also appreciate the likelihood of this being true given their positions. On one hand I really liked the portrayal of Alex’s realisation he may not be heterosexual, although, as the book continued it became less ridiculous that he had so many experiences but didn’t realise. I do enjoy a book of secret forbidden love though so I got over this pretty quickly. It definitely wasn’t a perfectly loveable read but I did enjoy it and probably would encourage others to read it too. Oh and if you’ve read it, did you read it as potentially starting as fan fiction about Prince Harry??? Haha I mean after all his real name is Henry and Prince William comes across as being very similar to Prince Phillip… just saying!

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