Meet Me In Hawaii by Georgia Toffolo

I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii; the white sand beaches, crystal blue water and lovely hot weather. So a romance novel based in Hawaii is always going to be high on my reading list, even more so when is the sequel to Georgia Toffolo’s Meet Me In London which I gave 5/5 to!

Initially, I was a little bit disappointed that Meet Me In Hawaii wasn’t a continuation of Victoria and Oliver’s love story, but it turns out her friend Malie’s story was just as lovely. We were briefly introduced to Malie in Meet Me In London as one of Victoria’s best friends that she went through school with. We knew she had been involved in the same car crash as Victoria and that she was now living in Hawaii working in her godfather’s surf school but that’s all we really knew about her. Through this book we learn that Just like Victoria, Malie carries a lot of guilt following their car accident they had as teenagers, however, for Malie it is a sort of survivor guilt for walking away with no lasting injuries, made even worse by her brother’s death; which was totally separate but not that long a part. Her parents were smothering her so she moved to Hawaii, where she has an idyllic carefree life. She surfs in the mornings, teachers surf through the day then has a reputation for spending the night with surfer dudes. She likes sex and to her it doesn’t have any emotions or strings attached to it. However, when she meets Todd, a millionaire businessman in Hawaii on a charity trip, she instantly knows it would be different with him. Although neither of them are in the market for a relationship the attraction they feel to each other is undeniable.

I loved this book. An easy read with romance and sex is always a good one as far as I’m concerned; and like with Meet Me In London it was sexy in a teasing at rather than smutty. I must say, the story was very similar to the first book just with different characters in a different environment, but I guess if it works why change it? The characters were loveable, it was well paced and although I wanted to bash their heads together and tell them to sort themselves out it wasn’t TOO repetitive like some other books I’ve read.

I’m looking forward to the next instalment which will be Zoe’s tale. But I’m also hopeful it will be a bit different, maybe she doesn’t meet a rich guy but a regular guy? I don’t know. I’m intrigued how it will deal with her disability too!

Sorry, bit distracted by my anticipation and eagerness. Definitely read this book though! It’s released on the 18th March and you can order it from Amazon here.

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