Meet Me In London by Georgia Toffolo

I’ve never really gotten in to Made In Chelsea but I fell in love with Toff on I’m A Celeb so when I heard she was writing a book I was really curious. Then when I saw it was being published by Mills & Boon I was even more curious. Unfortunately, I’d already purchased way too many Christmas-y books and I couldn’t really justify another, so I added it to my Amazon wish list and was kindly gifted it for my birthday. Therefore, I decided to leave it until next year. However, when I saw how pretty the cover of Meet Me In Hawaii was I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait. Then just last month Mills & Boon kindly gifted me a copy of Meet Me In Hawaii on NetGalley so I just had to read Meet Me In London ASAP.

Ultimately, I’m really glad I did because I feel like I needed it in my life!

Victoria is a budding designer with a huge heart. Despite her heart being broken and her dreams of selling her designs in her local area in Chelsea ripped away from her, she is still determined to keep going but instead of focusing all of her attention on herself she spends every Friday night helping some young eager designers recognise their own dreams.

She is quite happy and content with her little corner of the world, but then one day she bumps into Oliver Russell, the owner of the new department store on the street all of the locals are furious about. True to her selfless nature, when he offers to help the local community in exchange for her pretending to be his fiancé for one night to make his parents happy she can’t help but say no. However, she has a secret which she believes means she cannot fall in love or allow him to fall for her so what can she do to ensure it doesn’t happen?

I literally loved this book. I felt like it was the British version of the romantic side of 50 Shades Of Grey; she fell in love with the billionaire, just not all the smutty sex. I’ve got to admit I was surprised; this being Mills & Boon and all, that there wasn’t more sexyness. But then I think of who the author is and actually I think it was the perfect combination, teasing enough that you wanted more without being full on in your face. I also loved the insight into Oliver’s character when he took over the narration which allowed him to be more vulnerable and relatable.

The one thing I’m now gutted about is that Meet Me In Hawaii isn’t just Victoria and Oliver’s story continued. I need to know how their wedding planning goes and if they adopt! And what Oliver chooses to do as a career. So much I want to know; which is definitely a sign of a good book!

I gave this 5/5 which I actually wasn’t expecting at all!

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